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Jewelry makes you feel happier, bolder and even elevated. However, finding an exclusive piece of jewelry is extremely difficult. I also encountered this challenge. Then I decided to create them all by starting with what seemed the simplest and what all the house was always full of - a variety of fabric pieces and cut-offs. Later I experimented with many different materials. However, the textiles and neckties were what I made my first piece of jewelry.
My first acquaintance with neckties started in my early childhood, playing in my dad's closet and making different knot combinations from the neckties I could find. After I grew up and started experimenting with jewelry for myself, I finally realized that this solution is also great for men – the true and legitimate necktie carriers. So, I created the first Hopper and gave it to my husband. That's how the journey of a completely new male accessory started. Now not only my husband and son are wearing Hoppers but also the fan community is increasing daily, spreading the word about this accessory all around the world.
Combining traditional necktie and bow tie elements, the exclusive accessory has become an original style detail, not only when dressing up for celebrations, but also for highlighting everyday style. Hopper looks great without tightening the adjusting strip and looks best without rising it above the collar line. The freestyle lovers and Hopper owners say boldly: - The accessory looks great with an unbuttoned top collar button, allowing to keep the appearance sharp.
Over the past five years, the Hopper ‘s community has been growing steadily not only in Lithuania but also worldwide. We are proud and happy that not only by men but also by women and children are proudly wearing Hoppers. More than 150 different combinations of colors, styles, and patterns help everyone choose the right accessory for them - both the reserved, the brave and innovative carriers of this accessory.
So today this accessory sends an ambitious message: Hopper is „ the new classic with a twist"
Yours sincerely, 
Rūta Piekurienė 
The Hopper creator and pulsating heart of Ruty Design  

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