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PIRATE - Ruty design hopper tie
PIRATE - Ruty design
PIRATE - Ruty design
PIRATE - Ruty design


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Hopper is a new original product, presented by Ruty Design. This unisex accessory is a modern combination of elements found on traditional ties and bow ties. It is recommended not to tighten the regulation strip too much: Hopper is at its best, when leveled up with the collar line. Free style fashion lovers should bear in mind that this accessory also looks great with collar unbuttoned.

With love, Ruta Piekuriene,

The Heart of "Ruty Design"

This unique product, registered as „one of a kind“. Designed in Lithuania and awarded with the gold medal for its charm.
Hand made in Lithuania.
Designed by – Rūta Piekurienė.
Each item is packaged in a gorgeous box including an item passport and wearing recommendations.

"Today this accessory sends an ambitious message: Hopper is „ the new

bow tie with a twist".".

Rūta Piekurienė - Designer


artificial fibers

Dry cleaning / wet cleaning