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RUTY design, yet again will be part of Kaziukas Fair for the third time.

RUTY design yet again will be part of Kaziukas Fair for the third time. To all our fans already supporting us, collectors, and for all those who will be seeing us for the first time: You are all welcomed! Feel free to see and try it yourself – the mix of elegance and comfort as well as originality that each Hopper represents. We’re assured: you won’t want to take it off!RUTY design will be located in Gediminas Avenue at Asociacija Kūrėjų meistrų Respublika during the 6th to 8th March.

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The Grand

RUTY design generally offers three different types to choose from: Single layered, Double layered and The Grand.As of today, we’re happy to announce the one falling into the Third category: named after the famous Eiffel tower. You’ll find this particular creation a good fit when you’re in a need for something lengthy and vertical, yet elegantly slim. Serving almost as an architectural blueprint, Hopper Eiffel will make you stand out when worn with a suit and a jacket or a waistcoat and any shirt combination. It’ll make you stand out while worn along with the jeans or a classical suite. The texture of the fabric will fit well with Rufus's knitted fabric clothing.

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